What is this?

This newsletter is my attempt at understanding our present situation with regard to creators and creation.

Music and the arts are what I know best, so I’ll write about them often. I’m interested in how they intersect with technology and work, and how these all cohere into the thing known as the creator economy. Most importantly, I want to navigate this space with the end in mind of flourishing as a human “fully alive,” to the extent that it’s possible these days.

About the name: I’ve had several blogs called Cranked Organ that never picked up any speed. Hopefully this latest iteration will be different. I don’t remember how I came to choose the name, but it’s musical and sounds funny.

About me: Currently I write from my home in the Philippines and work in the tech venture space. I’ve lived in Singapore, Baltimore, and New York doing artsy things. You can find me through my website.